Application Architect (EU)

  • Fully Remote (EU)

This is a remote position.

We are looking for an Application Architect to join a team for developing a new Entry-Exit System to improve the border control of the European Union. 

About the Project

The Entry-Exit System (EES) will…

  • Contribute to the modernisation of the external border management by improving the quality and efficiency of the external border controls of the Schengen Area;
  • Help Member States dealing with ever increasing number of travellers to the EU without having to increase the number of border guards;
  • Reinforce internal security and the fight against terrorism and serious crime;
  • Systematically identify over-stayers (individuals remaining in the Schengen Area after the end of their authorised stay).

The EES will provide…

  • Precise information in a rapid and automated way to border guards during border checks;
  • Information to border guards on refusals of entry of nonEU nationals and enable refusals of entry to be checked electronically in the EES;
  • Precise information to travellers on the maximum length of their authorised stay;
  • Precise information on who is overstaying their authorised stay;
  • Evidence-based support to visa policy.

As regards access for law enforcement purposes, the the EES will…

  • Support the identification of terrorists, criminals as well as of suspects and victims of crime;
  • Provide a record of travel histories of non-EU nationals including crime suspects, perpetrators or victims of crime. It would thus complement the information in the SIS.

Main Functions:

  • Designing and coordinating architecture implementation;
  • Defining, assessing and coordinating architecture projects and designing architecture building blocks;
  • Delivering high-level and low-level designs;
  • Aligning and integrate multiple architectures, layers and perspectives;
  • Advising on architecture frameworks and methods;
  • Defining and measuring architecture indicators (maturity, implementation, etc.);
  • Ensuring Interoperability;
  • Identifying potential reuse;
  • Performing cost-benefit analyses;
  • Designing and assessing Identity and Access Management and Master Data Management solutions;
  • Performing Business Analysis and contributing to the Functional, Technical, Security and Testing Specifications;
  • Ensuring that the architecture is maintained and adapted to changes and developments;
  • Verifying that changes to the system are feasible within the architectural framework;
  • Performing studies and proposing design solutions in relation to changes and new requirements. This includes also managing system integration and any modelling needed.
  • Reports to: Programme management

Employment and technical Requirements:

  • Proven experience in the design and implementation of large distributed systems with emphasis on highly availability, high performance, high level of security and zero data loss
  • Mastering of Java (a background in development is a must);
  • Proven experience with stream-processing software platforms is a must (e.g. KAFKA)
  • Mastering Sparx Enterprise Architect tool;
  • Experience with Service Oriented Architecture;
  • Mastering of UML;
  • TOGAF Certified;
  • ArchiMate Certified;
  • Understanding of development + infrastructure (hardware, virtualization, cloud, openshift, redhat, etc.);
  • Must be details oriented, analytical, and demonstrate ability to work in multinational environments;
  • Must be self-directed with proven ability to make mature decisions supported by thorough data analysis;
  • Good communication skills in English;
  • Very good writing skills in English;
  • Working experience with EU client or other public institutions is an added value;
  • Awareness of biometrics systems and text search engines is an added value.


  • English proficient (CEFRL Level: Minimum C1)
  • Preferable 2nd language: French or Dutch
  • University degree (master or equivalent) in a relevant subject
  • EU Secret PSC is required for the function (process will be initiated upon hiring)
  • Citizenship of any EU member state required

More details about the project:

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