Backend/Full stack developer

  • Fully Remote (EU)
  • Java, Spring
  • 5+ years experience
  • 60,000 - 70,000 EUR/year
We are looking for Backend and Full Stack developers to join a team for developing a new Entry-Exit System to improve the border control of the European Union. 


About the Project

The Entry-Exit System (EES) will…

  • Contribute to the modernisation of the external border management by improving the quality and efficiency of the external border controls of the Schengen Area;
  • Help Member States dealing with ever increasing number of travellers to the EU without having to increase the number of border guards;
  • Reinforce internal security and the fight against terrorism and serious crime;
  • Systematically identify over-stayers (individuals remaining in the Schengen Area after the end of their authorised stay).


The EES will provide…

  • Precise information in a rapid and automated way to border guards during border checks;
  • Information to border guards on refusals of entry of nonEU nationals and enable refusals of entry to be checked electronically in the EES;
  • Precise information to travellers on the maximum length of their authorised stay;
  • Precise information on who is overstaying their authorised stay;
  • Evidence-based support to visa policy.


As regards access for law enforcement purposes, the the EES will…

  • Support the identification of terrorists, criminals as well as of suspects and victims of crime;
  • Provide a record of travel histories of non-EU nationals including crime suspects, perpetrators or victims of crime. It would thus complement the information in the SIS.


Main Responsibilities

  • Development and maintenance of software applications,
  • Development and integration of technological Components,
  • Implementation of user requirements,
  • Prototyping,
  • Elaboration of test programs,
  • Integration with other applications,
  • Writing of technical documentation,
  • Assistance with deployment and configuration of the system;
  • Day-to-day implementation of functionalities and features provided in business specification;
  • Code-testing and maintaining high test coverage of the application code;
  • Preserving and consolidating the code base in the application code repository;
  • Maintaining consistent frontend project documentation;
  • Suggesting measurable, customer focused improvements to our products;
  • Improving the workflow with the best architectural design decisions;
  • Holding-up a communication line between third-party partners;
  • Constant knowledge improvement.


Job Requirements

  • Min. 5 years of experience in Java SE, Java EE software development,
  • Good knowledge (spoken and written) of English


Backend technologies:

  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Flink (or similar like Storm or Spark or Hadoop Map-Reduce)
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Spring Boot & Spring Cloud (micro-service design patterns)
  • jBPM
  • ElasticSearch (or SOLR)
  • JUNIT and testing practice
  • Distributed computing, HA, CAP theorem understanding
  • NoSQL
  • Continuous Integration
  • CQRS, Event Sourcing
  • PostgresSQL


Frontend technologies (if you apply as a Full Stack developer): 

  • Deep knowledge of HTML and its semantics, browser rendering mechanics;
  • Solid knowledge of CSS support for both modern and legacy browsers ;
  • Experience with CSS preprocessors (SASS/LESS);
  • Very good knowledge of JavaScript (ES5/ES6);
  • Strong experience with React or Angular;
  • Experience with store architecture/modelling and stateful application management (Flux/Redux/NGRX);
  • Experience with Hooks
  • Experience with work management frameworks and methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall etc.);
  • Strong analytical skills.


Other requirements

  • Applicants must be citizens of one of the member states, or be eligible to work in the European Union;
  • This is a full-time contractor position;
  • The role is 100% remote.

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