Senior Python Developer

Our partner, a software company providing services in the online gambling industry is looking for a Senior Pyhton Developer to join their team. 


The first project is rewriting the business’s CRM from PHP into Python. The next project will depend on the result of this one. You will work directly under the CTO, no other assignments or managers involved, so it should be low-stress and provide a good level of creative control. There will be a comprehensive UAT suite provided, but the team has to believe in TDD. You will be able to hire 1-2 additional developers for your team, possibly more as needed.


The initial team is just the senior and a junior, so two people. The original PHP team was three devs: a senior, an intermediate and a junior. The junior is still working on bug fixes for the PHP version, and is available for knowledge transfer. There is also currently a two-person QA team preparing UAT/System tests from the PHP version for the Python version to verify against. The CTO will be involved to assist with code-review if desired and provide for all your DevOps needs.




  • Advanced or Upper-Intermediate English (you need to be able to communicate in English, but you can hire your own additional developers later, who will not be required to speak English)
  • Python experience: coding and building software, not just using Python for scripts/automation
  • Django experience
  • Basic JavaScript
  • SQL experience
  • Experience leading a team in a test-first environment (TDD). It can be a small team since at this company you will be leading just a couple of developers at the beginning
  • Experience with Static Analysis
  • Continuous Integration and Code Review experience
  • Basic CSS


Bonus skills:

  • Experience with Type-hinting
  • Property-based testing
  • UAT, System, and Integration testing experience
  • Knowledge and command of design patterns
  • Experience with mobile development
  • Linux
  • Docker
  • Experience with cloud environment
  • DevSecOps experience

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